About us

Myall Park Botanic Garden   Queensland

Myall Park Botanic Garden is more just than a beautiful place where people can find respite and inspiration. It is a safe place for biological treasures from all around Australia, an outdoor classroom where people can acquire knowledge and motivation to become stewards of the plants and animals in our communities.

Myall Park Botanic Garden is in an ideal location to feature Australian plants from semi-arid, arid and dry tropical regions. Soil types differ throughout the Garden and range from neutral softer grey brigalow soil, light loams over clays, to red lateritic acid gravel ridge. A significant feature of the ridge is the deep grey/blue water holding layer of clay which allows for the cultivation of deep rooted large trees.

Listed on the Queensland Heritage register.

Opening hours: between sun rise and sun set, 20th January to 20th December.

As this is a protected location for all fauna,  pets are allowed on site only when under control.