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News Flash

The current energetic committee is now focussing on printing a new edition of Australian Wildflower Paintings by Dorothy Gordon.


Last year we celebrated the republication of “One Man’s Dream”, thus Dave’s story lives on.  Now we wish to see Dorothy’s vibrant botanical artwork again available for sale.  

Enquiries have been made to the original publisher,  Boolarong Press, in Brisbane and they are honoured to be asked.  Quotes have been sought but we have been warned that paper costs are set to rise by almost 10% in May.   The committee’s

attempts at finding a grant to assist with costs have not been successful, so it is hoped that private funding may be the answer.  Three generous offers of donations totalling $3000 have already been received.  $15,000 will pay for a run of 300 books (250 soft cover and 50 hard cover).  Could we raise the money before the end of April?

If you are willing to donate – any amount will help – MPBG banking details appear below, or cheques may be sent to:

Treasurer,   Mrs Betty Salter      PO Box 11014,    Centenary Heights   QLD 4350

Bank details:  Myall Park Botanic Garden Ltd Gift Fund

                        BSB  064 412

                        Account   10204195

                       Reference   DOROTHY

Our thanks to all generous donors

An exciting Photography Exhibition is now available to be viewed in the Gallery at the Garden. The photographs have all been taken at the Garden over the last ten or more years. These photographs are available to view until June 30th 2022 and on May 22nd, from, there will be an opportunity to meet the photographers, David and Theresa King. Prior to the official opening there will be a sausage sizzle lunch available and time to wander in the Garden. Afternoon tea follows the official opening.

The solar panels are on the roof of the Gallery and generating electricity from the sun.  Many thanks to Michael King of Western Downs Solar and the Iolar Recycle Market Enviro Grants Program which supplied most of the funds for this project. These grants are supported by Western Downs Regional Council and Iolar Operational Services.

And another new structure in the Camping Ground of the Garden is a large open Camp Shelter for campers, caravanners, visitors and volunteers to meet in to swap yarns, learn more about the local area and all it has to offer, and to soak up the peace and beauty of the surrounds.   More power points have been added so there is plenty of room for caravanners to plug in to our energy from the sun.  The shelter was built by Brendan Wirth Builder from Dalby and we were able to construct it because of the Infrastructure Grants Program run by Western Downs Regional Council. Many thanks to Council for this generous program.



Camping Ground

Dates to Note:  Friends’ Working Bee was held from 24th April to 1st May 2022

A Walk In the Park”  Photography Exhibition Opening Sunday May 22nd 2pm


Spring Day Sunday August 28th

Glass House Repair

Age has taken its toll on this building, referred to as The Misting Shed, and for several years we have been concerned that one of the beams would give way and many of the glass panels would be smashed.  We have been very fortunate to receive a grant from the Heritage Department of the Queensland Government to repair this historic building.

glasshouse before work starts

The Brilliant Building Team


Dave Pass had not heard of Myall Park Botanic Garden until Jane convinced him to come and look at the crumbling building.  Within 20 minutes, Dave had compiled a list of materials required and he had agreed to take on the task.  While the hot, wet summer progressed, Dave bought the timber required and began the long process of preparing and painting the rafters with the ledge to support the existing glass panels, exactly as the original glass house was constructed.

His friend and work mate, Chris Roberts, agreed to travel and work with Dave although he had not heard of Myall Park either.  Long time supporters of the Garden, Noel Standfast and Mike Lawlor have been concerned about the dangerous state of the building for quite some time and so willingly volunteered to work with Dave and Chris.

After three days of work, brilliantly orchestrated by Dave, the repairs are complete and the glass panels will be returned to the roof, by Noel and Mike, as soon as the replacements for the broken ones have been sourced.

This project has been on the “to-do” list for many many years and our thanks go to the four hard workers pictured above, and several others who helped out, and the Queensland Government Heritage Department for the grant which covered the cost of the materials required.

The glass panels have now been placed and new shade cloth protects the glass from hail.  The exterior of the building has received a fresh coat of paint.

Completed glasshouse

The Glasshouse, also known as The Misting House is now returned to its former glory.  The end window frames will be repainted when the putty has dried sufficiently.

Photographs from our Garden

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Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'


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 2013 Grevillia Fine China Collection


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The Garden is open from  20 January to 20 December and is a safe haven for all flora and fauna, therefore pets are only permitted if kept under control at Myall Park Botanic Garden.

Queensland Heritage listed.

Supported by the Western Downs Regional Council

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