Working bees

Our April 2023 working bee has just finished and wow, it was busy. In all there were twenty two volunteers who participated during the two weeks.

The three hardening bays are now repaired and repainted, most of the stakes for new plants have been dipped and painted either red or green, the doors to the four bay shed were showing their age and so Bob put his engineering skills to the test to repair the doors without altering the original design.

A new tank was installed at Terpersie and the old unsightly corrugated iron tank removed. Fittings for a portable pump were installed on all tanks that collect water but do not pipe the water on. When the tanks are full the water will be pumped to another tank to maximise water storage.

A large new garden was developed at The End of the Line in Glenmorgan and more than sixty plants were planted by community members after the Anzac Day march, service and luncheon at the RSL.

The Glenmorgan State School garden received some new plants too.

New irrigation lines were established in a few places and more than two hundred plants were planted in various parts of the Garden. Weeding, labelling and general tidying of garden beds also occurred.

We receive valuable hands-on help from our Members in many ways.

Some work from their homes editing our publications, others travel to the Garden for working bees to paint and repair buildings, replace old irrigation and lay new lines and plant and label new plants.  Well over 5000 volunteer hours have been given to the Garden during 2022.

The first working bee for 2023 will be held at the Garden between March 24th and March 31st.  We will be loosening the white rock in the quarry and spreading it on the parts of the road which are in need of improvement.

The second Working Bee booked for 2023 is from Sunday April 16th until Sunday April 30th.  During this working bee we hope to repair the doors on some of the sheds, repair and paint the hardening bays which sit beside the newly restored Misting House, install a new rain water tank at Terpersie and plant lots of new plants as well as weeding and mulching the Garden, especially around Honeyeater.

Come and join us for a few days or

Renewal of the Glasshouse or Misting House occurred between March 12th and August 28th 2022

The Friends’ working bee for 2022 was held between April 24th and May 1st

A working bee attended by SOWN volunteers had to be postponed several times due to water logged roads but they were at last able to come in mid October

In preparation for Spring Day there was another working bee from 24th to 28th August 2022

Lots of work is done but we try to enjoy some down time during these working bees to enjoy the Garden and the company of like-minded people.

The hard working Friends of the Garden team relaxing at the end of                          another productive day at The Garden 

Working Bee 011


More ‘furniture’ has been added to the bird hide, and the birds immediately started using it.Lynda with the tree-popper (2)JW

The niffy puller tool makes it possible to remove quite large unwanted trees.

Shelley and Wendy hard at work in the Hybrid Garden

Volunteers working in the Hybrid garden

One year old 'Dorothy' at the Honeyeater Walk

 Dorothy Gordon grevillea at the Honeyeater Walk


Please contact the Garden Office for details of future working bees.

Heavy duty mulching of the garden between the cottages        Honeyeater Walk - the finished product