Working bees

We receive valuable hands-on help from our Friends in many ways.

Some work from their homes editing our publications, others travel to the Garden for working bees to paint and repair buildings, replace old irrigation and lay new lines and plant and label new plants.  Well over 3000 volunteer hours have been given to the Garden during the last year.

Recent working bees have been held:

Saturday 24th April until Saturday 1st May.

Saturday 12th June until Tuesday 22nd June

Friday 16th May until Monday 19th July

Monday 23rd August until Monday 30th August

Lots of work is done but we try to enjoy some down time during these working bees to enjoy the Garden.

The hard working Friends of the Garden team relaxing at the end of                          another productive day at The Garden 

Working Bee 011

A bird's eye view of the bird hide

A bird’s eye view

Shelley and Wendy hard at work in the Hybrid Garden

Volunteers working in the Hybrid garden

One year old 'Dorothy' at the Honeyeater Walk

 Dorothy Gordon grevillea at the Honeyeater Walk


Please contact the Garden Office for details of future working bees.

Heavy duty mulching of the garden between the cottages        Honeyeater Walk - the finished product