Education and Research


Information brochures, lists and fact sheets are available free to all visitors.If you are interested in botanical artwork see here.

Information includes: Echidnas; How to write botanical names; Distinguishing grevilleas and hakeas; Art trail; Eringibba National Park, How to name plants, Climate Change

Lists include: birds, invertebrates, mammals, retained plant species, amphibians and reptiles.

Local school children studying floral structure

Local school children studying floral structure

Seed collection - Photographer Allan Carr

Seed collection for study – Photographer Allan Carr


The Garden conducts a number of research projects annually.

Recently the projects have  included: eradication of mother of millions (Bryophyllum delagoense and its hybrids), a search for new varieties of indigenous plants,  an invertebrate survey (spiders),  propagation of the threatened Acacia wardellii, and a longitudinal study of birds observed on site.

Biodiversity Fund – Department of Sustainability, Environment, Population and Communities – Project title ‘Habitat Enchancement of a Brigalow and Bull Oak Butterfly Refuge through Weed Eradication and Restoration’. Continues – interesting outcomes. Contact us for details.

Everyone’s Environment Grant Queensland GovernmentBryophyllum delagoense eradication. Visit our Garden to review all details.


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Recording growth rates