Merry Christmas to all friends, members  and visitors of Myall Park Botanic Garden. We wish you all a very joyous Festive Season, and may 2015 bring health and happiness to all.  And just quietly….No not quietly, how about as loud as it takes, for the heavens to open and bring much needed rain to all who need it.


 2014 Xmas letterbox b

                                        Our letterbox decorated for the festive season.

Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'      2013 Grevillia Fine China Collection

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The Garden is open from  20 January to 20 December and is a safe haven for all flora and fauna, therefore pets are not permitted at Myall Park Botanic Garden. National and Queensland Heritage listed.

Supported by the Western Downs Regional Council

Telephone: 07 4665 6705    Emailmyallparkbotanic@bigpond.com
Address: Myall Park Botanic Garden,  1 Myall Park Road, Glenmorgan, Queensland 4423,  Australia         Post: Myall Park Botanic Garden Ltd, PO Box 22, Glenmorgan, Queensland  4423, Australia

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